PVC fence panels are suitable for use where a wooden fence has been erected using concrete H posts and the wood panel has started to decay. The decayed panel can be removed and easily replaced with our PVC maintenance free panel. The beauty of our PVC panels is they look the same from both sides ( neighbour friendly ) so there shouldn’t be arguments about who gets the good/bad face of the panel.

Wooden panels generally have one good side and one bad side and need to be regularly painted on both sides in order to last any length of time. Our fencing panels are super strong and will stand up to any wind conditions! They look good and compliment any Garden. They require No Maintenance so what you install now will look the same for ever!

Where a new fence is being installed you have the choice of using either PVC H posts or cheaper concrete H posts. The PVC posts complement the panels and come with a decorative cap. Pictures of our PVC panels supported by both concrete and PVC posts can be seen below. The PVC posts are reinforced with galvanised steel, yet are much lighter and easier to install than the concrete alternatives. A typical contractor should install 50% more panels using PVC in a day than the wood or concrete alternatives!