We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked questions for your convenience. Choose a question from the following list and you will be taken to that particular question, or scroll through the list as you wish.

Can it break?
How does it stand up in the wind?
Does the product become brittle in winter?
Does it expand?
How do you clean the fence?
How does it hold up to weed eaters?
Do you cement the posts?
How big should the hole be to cement the posts?
What is the warranty?
Will it crack, chip, peel or rot?
Will it mildew or collect mold?
What is the cost of vinyl compared to wood?
Can you use it as a porch or guard railing?
Can you make gates from the product?
Can I get custom styles made?
How high can I make the fence?
How long will it last?
Is it maintenance free?
Is the fence graffiti proof?
Is the fence graffiti proof?